Dear First Mother

Dear First Mother & Father,
Though words and pictures can never capture the crevices of a family waiting to open their arms and hearts to a child, we hope that these pages will help you to see glimpses of God’s grace in our lives. Our family, 36 and counting (Jerry is one of 11 children), is big not just in number, but also in faith, hope, and love. It is with that faith, hope, and love that we await the blessing of a child and their birth family.

Should you decide to place your child in our home, we will spend all the days of our lives nurturing them to live into the big shoes you leave open before them. We will love this beautiful baby fiercely, and we will love you. We will believe in their magnificence, & hold a mirror up so that they may see it too. And should you desire it, you will watch them grow into that magnificence as an important part of our lives. We will weave you into the story of their life from the very first picture in their nursery; your child will always know of your love for them. And we pray that you will always know of our love for you.

We cannot begin to imagine the immensity of the decisions you are facing. We revel in your courage and strength. And each night we pray for you, and for the child you have bravely chosen to bring forth into this world, a world that will be illuminated by their brilliance. We pray that you will find comfort and support as you search for your footing on the path God has laid before you. We care for you and we hope for you now and always. Whatever your decision you remain in our prayers.

Wishing you peace, grace, and strength,
Shannon, Jerry, and our Family

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